Monday, February 7, 2011

EnTry SaVed Dlm DraFt

ang gedik.aku x.

This was the beginning of the journey sending my bestfren to UTP.Im not going to talk about UTP since ah.those days. ;). JouRNey.I love journey so much just that my late father was not an-outgoing-person since his young age he was travelling lot.When we were lite2,my mom always told us that ayah always went to out to outstation since he was a headmaster.Craps again.

tengah gedik2 pakai kasut
Anyway i admitted it was kinda fun journey.But you know what zack.I did think that i made wrong.becoz in the middle of the journey i felt bored and tense.Maybe sebab aku xpenah journey ngn budak2.:).

zack's car.

At the end.plis study hard since your parents had spent you almost 10k to makesure you cozy there.



Raihana Izzati said...

ang sgt bengong.
ska sgt ltak gmbr ak gedik2 kt blog ni.
ak pny la xltk kt fb.hoho.
ak tw.mak ayh ak sj xmw bg ak kuar.
tq 4 dis post..=)

p/s:ak tw ang tiru razman.hoho

sunsilk palmolive said...

aku blur.xtaw nak tulis apa.miahaha.pandai ang